Hack Ex Wiki

        I am slightly giddy as I write this, having found a few Spammers with over a thousand Bitcoins sitting in checking. Yup. Raider II now, folks. I also stumbled across a cache of programs averaging about two levels each about mine. A Level 8 Spam, Antivirus Level 10 if I rememberr right, or maybe that was the Decryptor.

        Did I spell that right?

         Browsing this Wiki, I stumbled across an Anonymous (what a surprise!) comment by an Anonymous person, in which it briefly mentioned something about not letting your victims know your IP by leaving it in their Log.

        Yes, I am a Newb. Deal with it.

        But not as Newbish as I used to be. I make only about 126 BC an hour off of Spam, and hadn't really Cracked into PNT for some quick cash, as Bypassing the person's Firewall and then Cracking into the app takes too long, and usually all in checking is uncollected Spam produce.

        But most hopefully, my Spam-Bitcoin-Per-Hour number will skyrocket once my....two to four uploads of Level 5 Spam gets done (1GS sucks), and the Level 8 Spam I mentioned earlier is download.

        I just took a quick peek, and ah, my mistake. Eight Level 5 Spam Uploads, which is twice the maximum number I had potentially remembered.

       I personally have had not that much trouble with Spam. I just hit targets that would be below the low power I had, but now as I accumulate wealth and have learned other tactics, I can safely breach and leech. Ehm, just realized. Doesn't Spam or Spyware detected by Antivirus hand out your IP? 😮  😦 😥 Oh well.

        Wikia is pretty tough to edit and crap on mobile, even with a Bluetooth keyboard. What am I complaining about? :P I restarted my Wiki life, go me!!!

        Enough of my rants and general talking. It's past two AM already, and I need to check the great Ex before I bug out. No one will read this, but I never had anything to blog about before, so I made it anyway. Farewell, anonymous reader.

        Keep Hacking.