Hack Ex Wiki

U need 1 hour only to master this game.

Game is all about hacking, no cracking required.

Create new account, use this trick to create username


As soon game starts,

1) Go to STORE and buy lvl 1 spam.

2) Go to SCAN IP, keep bypassing only lvl 1 fireall, by using your lvl 1 bypasser, You have to bypass atleast 50 IPs, all lvl 1. refresh to generate new IP list

It will take hardly 15 Min to bypass 50 IPs, out of 50, only 26 IPs will succesfully got bypassed.

{Games dark secret :

Bypass higher lvl firewall using higher lvl bypasser, success ratio - 80%+

bypass lvl 1 Firewall using any higher lvl bypasser, success ration always 52% or less,

You can bypass high lvl fireall using high lvl bypasser, but it is always difficult to bypass lvl 1 fireall using any lvl of bypasser.

Thats how game force new players to buy Bitcoins and overclocks.

you have to retry failed process again and again}

3) Login into hacked devices and upload lvl 1 spam on them,

To upload spam, go to victims app, click on spam, and click uplaod spam-ok.

check for his apps, if u found any app lvl 5, then download it, don't buy apps till your app lvl reach upto 50 or if it takes more than 3/4 days to download.


4) Upload lvl 1 spam on all 50 devices, if done correctly, u can finish this job within 1 hour,

It will take only 3 hours to finish all uploads. Download may take more.

You don't have to keep your device on to finish all processes, you can log out from your device, game always keep running on server.

5) After 3 hours, your earnings will hit upto 500+ per hour, looks small because it is just the beginning.

Only pay for Device, Network and firewall, all other items, like bypasser, cracker, encryptor, antivirus, spam and spyware are available freely on your victims device. Just download them.

Tip: Always upgrade Network first, higher network lvl, higher download speed & you can upload high lvl spam on your victims device, so higher earning.

Spam earning calculations : spam lvl * Victims game lvl * 3

Tip: No need to upgrade firewall / download high lvl encryptor at early stage, just keep it at lvl 1. Lvl 1 take cares of everything, lvl 1 is more safe at starting stage. and if you got hack, it is better to upgrade firewall and encryptor by lvl 1 only.