The Enforcers

Welcome to The Enforcers wiki page.

What do The Enforcers do?

We accept anyone and mean only to help others and protect them while protecting ourselves as well.

What do we offer?

1: Protection

If those pesky hackers keep coming back to steal your coins while leaving an ip to rub it in your face, PLEASE tell us.

Personally there is nothing I love to do more then to scare away a person that is constantly farming you.

2: Booster Packs

Find yourself short on that new Bolt, Nova, Nova S or 5G Network?

No need to worry, I will personally send you enough to boost you into your next purchase for your much wanted item or app.

3: Inside Strategy

Want to know a few tips on getting a foot up on others? Or how about making money while keeping yours safe?

We got the know how to give you an double bladed edge over your average hacker.

4: A place to chat

We in our group are friendly. We do not judge, and anyone new or experienced alike can join.

Talk about the game all you want, Strategy is highly welcomed!

What are the rules & requirements?

1. No farming other members. If you are caught farming other players. You will be removed on the spot.

2. No contacts are to be left in your addresses. If you are transferring money, please remove them after you have successfully transferred the money.

3. No leaving your IP address in the main chat. This is for your protection.

4. Be respectful to your fellow Enforcers. If you have offended them, apologize and don't do it again.

5. All members are expected to show a good attitude while they are representing the group. Good attitude also includes no fighting with other members and also the use of racial comments will be strictly off limits. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the group.

6. All members must show up, help out where needed, and have fun with the group.

7. Absolutely no links as they can have rats in them. Obvious links like Google and YouTube are allowed.

8. No advertising other groups. We would like you to be loyal to us if you can.

How do I join?

Go to Play Store and download the app called "Band", then just click on the link below.