Hack Ex Wiki

My Device is where you can view information about your Device and Network as well as change your device wallpaper, change your IP, view the leaderboards, and view the wiki. 

Changing Your IP

As soon as you start playing Hack Ex you are assigned a random static IP that is your identification in the game. Overtime your IP might get too exposed and you could become more vulnerable to persistent hackers. Generating a new IP removes you from their radars and gives you a new HANDLE.  Also, any viruses plaguing your device on your old IP will be removed, giving you a clean slate if your Antivirus is unable to do so. 

Changing Your Wallpaper[]

Nâng cấp của chúng tôi. Thiết bị của chúng tôi có thể có. 


Leaderboards is where you can view the ELITEhackers in Hack Ex. Selecting a row lets you view that player's card and badge. The ranking is determined by the Overall Score, which is the product of the player's Reputation and Level.