This is the last time I play this game!

there is an idiot that keep hacking and stealing my money for two weeks. Even if I upgrade my firewall and encryptor, he can still crack my account so easily. This is ridiculous.

I have a message for those that are farming people and keep stealing money from the same person everyday: You guys are bunch of dickheads. Thank you for ruining the fun of others just for your egoistic pleasure.Thank you for being dicks. Wow seriously creating clans? HAHAHAHAHAHA you are a bunch of noobs. So you cannot play by yourselves? You sucks you sons of bitches! I had fun in this game until one of you shown up. Because of bitches like you, I had to delete all my spams and so there will be no more money that you can steal from my checking.

Guys this message is only for those who farm money. If you are not one of them this message do not refer to you.