Illest Edit

Illest is a brand new group in the Hack Ex community created by koldphlame and Gatorgurl, two very respected members of the Hack Ex community.

What is Illest's intention's? Edit

We believe that each member is an important part of the team. We encourage our members to share their ideas and opinions. This will help make the group stronger and more beneficial for everyone.

We wish to teach members new and old, we have multiple groups to join, a training group for the beginners, a middle group for the normal guys and a 35+ group for the skilled and more to come.

One of our goals is to help give you pointers and other resources that will help you, the player, become more independent and self sufficient in the game. We will always help our members in any way we can and will always have your back, if the need arises.

Who do we accept? Edit

Currently Illest is accepting all level players. From brand new players to veteran players, to all players in between using multiple groups.

Who are we with? Edit

We are an anti-war group and will do everything in our power to help keep the peace. We have formed many friendships within our allied groups and will always be there to back them (when needed).

How do I join? Edit

If Illest sounds like a group that you are interested in or would like to speak with on of its leaders,  you can message us on the line app.

Line ID: Koldphlame

We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to Illest, where everyone feels like family!