Hack Ex Wiki

Why can't I retry a process when a user upgrades their firewall?

This is to better reward and protect the player who upgraded their Firewall.  It can be enough of a deterrent for some hackers to dismiss that IP altogether and move on. Hacking is never 'convenient'. So when you upgrade your own Firewall you can take satisfaction in knowing it won't be easy for a hacker to simply 'Retry' hacking you again after you took the steps to better secure your device.

Do I need to keep my Network and Cracking processes after they finish?

No. Once a Network or Cracking process is completed it is no longer needed. Only Bypass processes are needed to bypass a device.

Will my account transfer over to a new device?

Yes. Once you install Hack Ex and login to your account on a new device all your progress and account info will sync over to that device.