Hello my friends, my name is Zero (no, I'm not zero-cool) and I have created this group on the 08th September 2014.

I'm guessing that your thinking of what this group is about, well let me briefly explain. We are neutral if it comes to war, we don't want war but of course if there was no war and we lived happily ever after hackex would get boring and nobody would even bother to join any group. What happens in the chats? we will have two main chats, first one is the DarkComet group and you can only join if you are part of the DarkComets. The second chat which is called D.C social, anyone can join but no hackex talk is allowed


You need to be able to write in English.

that's all :) your level does not matter as we are here to help.

How to join:

you can contact me through Line, my id is: zerofg

Hope to see you soon