• PipocaCorn

      Sempre que tento hackear alguém aparece que estou sem biscoito nenhuma força brutal, e não enho exploit ...

       Como eu faço para conseguir um cracker?

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  • TheoCovaris

    I found this IP from anthor IP that i frequent, he only has a level 33 firewall but his password encryption, password cracker and bypasser are lvl 1000. His antivirus is 760, and his spam is 922. If anyone can succsefully hack him i bet you will be rewarded, if you dont and it ends up being a waste of time i wll give my IP as compinsation.

    IP Address-

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  • Bova8

    The 8 Group

    July 15, 2018 by Bova8

    I am creating a group maned The 8.


    1)In game ip starting with 8


    If you want to join massage me on whatsapp from this number +905435442672

    I will tell you what you need to do there.

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  • A Figure

    New Challenge!

    January 10, 2018 by A Figure

    Hello, I played the game for 3 days and now the number 8 player with a Sh*t load of coins in vault, sadly no one has taken them, so here I challenge you all to try to break in my vault, the first person to do it will get them. Good luck!

    Game IP adress:

    And Don't worry my firewall level is only level 11 smh. Also, I did not use any 3rd party cheats/hacks to achieve this.

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  • Dat boi meme

    Add me as a contact

    November 23, 2016 by Dat boi meme
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  • Dzl2589
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  • Revraz

    New to Hack Ex

    August 3, 2016 by Revraz

    New to the game and looking for fun shit to do.

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  • MadCow69

    I reset my phone a while back and I couldnt remember my Email adress to log in to HackEx. I spent too much time on that account to just let it go. I need to get that account back and I cant find anyone to help me get it back.

    1. findthedevelopers2016
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  • Helper hacker ex


    December 30, 2015 by Helper hacker ex

    Please post your enemys ip here so i and the others can HACK HIM BACK

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  • Acidfreak

    I have found the Holy-Grail of IPs. Of course, there are things greater then the Holy-Grail. I have found an IP that earns more than three thousand dollars in just seconds. If you want this IP, you just have to pm me. I would be happy to help others in the game.

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  • ExHacker221

    Clone Hack Ex

    June 13, 2015 by ExHacker221

    Hello, I sell Hack Ex Clone APKS and if you want them, then you can contact me via LINE. ID:                                                         STORE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Pokemon Hack Ex: 5 million btc                                                                                                                                                                                       Original Hack Ex : 500k BTC

    The First ten apks will cost: 2.5 BTC

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    1 Hour gameplay

    April 25, 2015 by HC INDIA

    Game is all about hacking, no cracking required.

    Create new account, use this trick to create username

    As soon game starts,

    1) Go to STORE and buy lvl 1 spam.

    2) Go to SCAN IP, keep bypassing only lvl 1 fireall, by using your lvl 1 bypasser, You have to bypass atleast 50 IPs, all lvl 1. refresh to generate new IP list

    It will take hardly 15 Min to bypass 50 IPs, out of 50, only 26 IPs will succesfully got bypassed.

    {Games dark secret :

    Bypass higher lvl firewall using higher lvl bypasser, success ratio - 80%+

    bypass lvl 1 Firewall using any higher lvl bypasser, success ration always 52% or less,

    You can bypass high lvl fireall using high lvl bypasser, …

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    game begins with signup.

    Always remember that, Username is permanent. So, choose wisely. Plain text username is not good idea, because there are lots of 3rd party apps e.g butler, which can trace your IP just by entering your name, so it is not wise to keep plain names.

    There must be difference between your username and email username.

    I suggest you to use any type of text symbol to create your username, let them work hard to figure out the symbols in your name. Don't worry about username, game will never ask for your username again.

    If you are creating original account, then always enter correct e-mail address, email address is always hidden from everyone. Never disclose it.

    If you are creating dummy or fake account, enter anything in email fi…

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    80 IP's with level 7 - for spam earning - no money in bank account, so don't waste time in cracking.






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    New Ranking system, based on your reputation in leadersboard.

    If you are in Leadersboard but haven't achieved reputation plus 1 Million, then do it.

    This is exclusive 1 Million+ Reputation Club in hackex game community. To increase Rep faster - Create new dummy Account, hack it from your original account, go to apps, and keep downloading lvl 1 apps, each download reward 5 reps.

    You can do it manually or you can use "repetitouch" for it, google it.

    To join Reputation Club, you have to fullfill only 2 criteria,

    1st, You must be in hackex Leadersboard.

    2nd, You reputation must be 1 Million+

    That's it. See you soon. 

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  • The Unforgiving123

    New group

    March 25, 2015 by The Unforgiving123

    We are Unforgiving

    We do not forget

    We do not go away

    We will BE forever

    Join us or fight us you've been warned... End transmisson

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  • ThomasAnimalPhotographer

    thanks for visiting

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  • Prime Arch


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  • Prime Arch

    Welcome to all hackex players.

    Prime Nexus Intel welcome u to our blog

    Long have been the times of the wars. They r now in ur distant past and time is flowing steadily.

    From the ashes of the wars, rose the new groups. Alas they were and are not like before.

    Hackex is dying! number of new players have been decreasing over time. Many people have stopped playing. New players are interested only in bitcoins and they give up if they cant get them. Often new players only join groups to get bitcoins. They are selfish. They dont care about others.

    Where is the old hackex???

    The one where every group member worked together and solo players played hard to enter leaderboards.

    The one where high level player helped low level ones.

    The one where everyone battl…

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  • Neuelegend

            I am slightly giddy as I write this, having found a few Spammers with over a thousand Bitcoins sitting in checking. Yup. Raider II now, folks. I also stumbled across a cache of programs averaging about two levels each about mine. A Level 8 Spam, Antivirus Level 10 if I rememberr right, or maybe that was the Decryptor.

            Did I spell that right?

             Browsing this Wiki, I stumbled across an Anonymous (what a surprise!) comment by an Anonymous person, in which it briefly mentioned something about not letting your victims know your IP by leaving it in their Log.

            Yes, I am a Newb. Deal with it.

            But not as Newbish as I used to be. I make only about 126 BC an hour off of Spam, and hadn't really Cracked into PNT for s…

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  • TOMCO984

    Add Device and Network

    September 14, 2014 by TOMCO984

    Hello , Can you add more Device (ex : Norter , Dorner , Bigor ) And more NetWork please  ex : 5GS; 6G; 6GS; 7G; 7GS) because time left for spammeur is 72 day ! It's very very long !

    Tanks you for watching .

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  • Magus Inceptus

    Black Mages

    August 18, 2014 by Magus Inceptus

    I am Magus Inceptus, The Founder of the Black Mages. This is a peaceful group that will assist new players in the aspects of Hack ex. We use the app Line, available on android and PC to communicate. Add the user inceptus_legacy to join. Thanks for taking the time to view this page.

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  • Sagbag25

    Cr3@tiv3 $py

    August 11, 2014 by Sagbag25

    I am Sagbsg25, leader of Cr3@tiv3 $py, we are a new group accepting all people of any levels, we will help you, and are setup correctly this time. there are a set of rules, but please look at the Cr3@tiv3 $py wiki page at$py for more information. Thank you.

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  • Gapie

    my ip

    August 9, 2014 by Gapie

    my ip is :

    if u need some bitcoins in this game i got some for u to start the game Read more >
  • The Angel's Of Darkness

    Hey everyone we are "The Angel's Of Darkness" we are a new hack ex clan and we want You to join us to build up the best clan ever. If you want to join you can message me on the line app in the google play store and my line IP is 8434868377. Please share this with anyone who plays Hack ex and may want to join our clan

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    We are the Shadow Bots! Please take the time and check our web blog. The web blog site  is:

    Our web blog consists of:

    •  Information about the Round Table Meeeting        
    •  Shadow bots contact information
    • Shadow bots rules list
    • Forums
      • Hacking and Technology News
      • Hacking tuts and other hacking related information
      • HackEx games tips or tricks
      • computer and technology careers                 
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  • Sagbag25

    The Resistance

    July 1, 2014 by Sagbag25

    Helli there. We are the new ones. We are the helpers. We will defend you. We will destroy you. Join us! Open to all. Help bring peace to our lands! And if war comes upon us... THEN WE ATTACK. Contact me for more information...

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  • Grummbunger

    sl4a, py4a cppDroid, c4droid

    after many many years of programming from basics to c++ on computers I have put my goal to (even though the computer hosted method is well developed) program complete programs on android including OpenGL.

    It is a daunting task, the OpenGL seems only supported of off android programming to be passed to the android.

    Perhaps some here might like to see some examples of easy stuff. I will slowly add small snippits of code, with full explanation of how they work. I will present some links to pdf files of valued and personally approved as current and good info.

    Come back soon and check out this blog if you are interested in what real code looks like.

    if you wish, check out the programs on playstore so you can check out my…

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