The Bank Account app is where your Bitcoins are stored and managed. The first part of the app is PNT Home Login screen. If accessing  your own bank account you will have a pre-filled password field and be able to log in at anytime. When accessing another player's Bank Account the password field will be empty until you've been able to crack it.  If you have a Password Cracker a "Crack" button will be shown next to the empty password field. 

After logging in you'll enter the PNT Account screen. This is where you can view and manage your funds as well as deposit more. 


Checking is where all the Bitcoins you earn in the game first go. You must manually transfer any funds to your Secured Savings to avoid losing any of it to hackers. Your checking is the only account where Bitcoins can be stolen from and that you can transfer to other players.

Secured SavingsEdit

Secured Savings is the safehouse for your precious Bitcoins. No funds in this account can be stolen or tampered with. The caveat is you have a Max Limit of how many Bitcoins you can store in your Secured Savings. This Max Limit increases every time you level up. 


The Transfer screen is where you can transfer your Bitcoins from your checking to your savings when viewing your own Account. When viewing another player's account the Transfer screen allows your to transfer frunds from that player's Checking to your Checking. 


The Deposit screen is where you can purchase more Bitcoins and store them in your Secured Savings. All purchased Bitcoins go into your Secured Savings regardless of your Max Limit. 

  • Note: These are not real Bitcoins they are only for in-game use. 

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