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Apps is just that. Your apps. All your utility apps and viruses you plan to unleash are stored here. From here you can view information about any particular app as well as activity with your Virus Apps (Spam, Spyware, Antivirus). 

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Downloading Apps

One of the dark little secrets  in Hack Ex is being able to download other player's apps. This doesn't remove the app from that user, merely it copies it to your device...you know...like downloading. When viewing another player's apps you will see the level comparisons to your current repertoire. You can select any app you wish to download and a Process will be added. 

Uploading Viruses

Viruses are what give Hackers a bad rep. In Hack Ex they are what give you some distinct advantages. There are currently 2 types of viruses (will be more in later versions) that can be uploaded, Spam and Spyware . Uploading viruses are the longest Processes in the game and the time can be significantly reduced by upgrading your Network